Who is Isabel De Los Rios?

Isabel De Los Rios is a legend in the weight loss niche. Her love for nutrition and fitness came to her when she was a teenager; when she found that her parents and grandparents suffered from type 2 diabetes. She decided that she would not suffer the same disease as they did; rather she would do something about it.

Many know Isabel for the well-known nutritionist that she is as well as the famous exercise specialist that she also is. Many people all over the world have said that their lives have been changed drastically with the help of her fitness program.

New Jersey natives know her very well, as she is the owner of a training center called New Body. New Body is a fitness center that she created, and it is just one of the ways that she has gone about to change others’ lives. When it comes to getting rid of fat, many have said that they only trust her and the reason for that is clear. Many fitness professionals even go to her as she is the guru of fitness according to venusfactorreviewer.org.

If you think it’s time you get your body in shape, then you need to seek Isabel’s help, as she is an expert in her field. People around the globe have been coming to her to get into shape and help burn fat.

The reason she’s so educated in fitness and nutrition is because of all the studying she has done. She studied exercise in college and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. With her enthusiasm and what she has learned in school and in life, she has gone about to create a program that helps people who would otherwise struggle with losing weight and getting healthy by eating right and sticking to her program.

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